Uses for a Butane Kitchen Torch

A kitchen torch is a useful tool to have on hand to create many interesting effects for both sweet dessert dishes and savory dishes as well. The concentrated flame allows users to apply high levels of heat to very specific areas of a dish.

Video: How to Caramelize Creme Brulee

Learn how to create that perfect golden brown crackly crust over the classic dessert in this detailed demonstration using a Butane Torch to caramelize creme brulee. Some recipes recommend putting your creme brulee underneath a broiler, but that will heat up the custard, which you don’t want to do. See a selection of Culinary Torches … Read more

Video: Jumbo Max Flame Butane Torch

Jumbo Max Flame Butane Torch. For Soldering, Jewelry Crafting And Repair. Child Proof Safety Lock. Ideal for soldering, precious metal clay, metal sculpting, wax working, jewelry crafting and repair.