Blazer ES1000CR Spitfire Butane Torch

The Blazer ES1000CR Stingray Spitfire Refillable Butane Torch is a portable and refillable butane torch that features a precision flame for fine work such as jewelry making and repairs. The Blazer Spitfire has a slim line look and an angled head which customers say makes it easy to use.

Its flame range is from yellow through to a precise, very hot blue flame and you can easily adjust this at will. It also comes with a small tabletop stand and a piezoelectric ignition system which of course, doesn't require electricity.

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Features of the Blazer ES1000CR

Design – a butane torch with an angled head design as well as a slim-shaped body
Control Levers – You can control flame length as well as oxygen
Torch flame – is adjustable from a yellow to a blue flame to provide maximum flexibility with flame precision
Flame Length - 0.5 to 3.0 inches
Ignition – is a piezoelectric ignition system that does not require an electrical connection, making it suitable for portable use
Temperature – reaches a 2,500-degree F precise blue-torch flame
Fuel – uses a standard butane canister
Burn Time – 30 minutes at full capacity
Stand – comes with a tabletop stand so you can use both hands to manipulate your work


Measures: 6.0 L x 3.0 W x 2.5 D inches
Fuel Capacity – 8 grams
Weighs: 5.4 ounces


  • Great for jewelry repairs and soldering
  • Great for beginners and experienced users
  • Has a metal head, not plastic which can be prone to melting
  • Good flame control with an oxygen control as well as the flame size control adjustor
  • Solidly made and works well
  • Has a good flame range - from a 3-inch yellow to a 1-inch blue flame
  • Great to use for lighting fireplaces as well as camping fires
  • Has a safety control
  • Will hold plenty of fuel
  • Butane fuel is easy to obtain


  • Ignition can sometimes be unreliable
  • No fuel gauge


At the time of writing, the customers who had left reviews for the Blazer ES1000CR Spitfire rated it with 4.1 out of 5 stars. Customers found this Blazer torch to be soundly constructed while being compact and simple to use. They also liked its suitability for jewelry making and general hobby use.

A few customers found the lack of a fuel gauge to be a disadvantage and likewise its sometimes unreliable ignition. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.

The Blazer ES1000CR Spitfire is available from Amazon and is eligible for FREE Shipping. For the most recent and latest price, you can find it here. Over 80% of customers rated this blazer torch with 4 and 5 stars and left positive and helpful feedback. While there are a few 1-star reviews, consideration of their comments is advised, depending on the use you have planned for the torch. That said, with the Blazer reputation we are pleased to recommend the Blazer Spitfire.

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