Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur Butane Torch Kit Review

Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur
SI-100CR Excalibur Torch

The Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur Butane Torch is ideal for portable soldering and has been designed for multipurpose use. It can be used for tasks requiring a hot flame, hot blown air as well as soldering. This particular solder gun is suitable for tasks which include brazing, heat shrinking, plumbing, electrical work and automotive applications, to name just a few.

The Blazer SI-100CR is self- igniting and has other useful features such as safety trigger and five interchangeable tips. The solder gun and its accessories are housed in a carrying case which is made from a hard plastic shell. It runs on butane gas and is cordless, this is always a popular feature with customers because an extension cord and electrical power aren’t necessary.


Features of the Blazer SI-100CR

Design – Versatile Blazer torch for soldering and hot air blowing. Customers use it for a variety of tasks such as plumbing and brazing, making jewelry as well as tasks in the automotive, aircraft and electrical industries

Capacity -7 grams  – butane gas

Temperature – maximum  2,500 degrees F

Heat Time – 2 seconds. This is a popular feature with customers because it saves time waiting for it to heat up.

Fuel – butane gas canisters – these can be purchased separately for use with the torch

Tips – 5 x interchangeable tips for versatility and variety. These include a reflector, hot air blower, hot knife, 1 x 3.5-mm chisel and 1 x 3.0-mm diagonal

Ignition – self igniting with a piezoelectric ignition system which basically means that when the trigger is pulled a small spring-loaded internal hammer is released. The little hammer strikes a crystal which produces a spark which in turn causes the gas to light.

Safety – has a child safety trigger

Portable – no extension cord or electrical connection is required and many customers prefer to use a gas torch because of its portability

Included with the Torch

  • 1 x wrench
  • 1 x sponge
  • 1 x tube of 60/40 coiled silver tube of solder
  • Hard shell carrying case


Brand: Blazer
Case Measures: 10.25 L x 4.38 W x 1.5 H inches
Weight: 4.9 ounces
Item No: 189-1006

What’s Great About the Blazer SI-100CR 

  • Cordless gas soldering iron – no extension cord required
  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Built solidly and well made
  • Great for working is small spaces
  • Moving from the hot blower and the soldering tip is easy

What’s Not so Great

  • hot knife tip is not so good, but seems to work best with very fine work applications

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Feedback is relatively good for the Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur Butane Torch. Customers like the fact that it is portable as well as being easy to use and well made. They also like the way it heats up quickly. However, there were a few issues with the hot knife so the rating is a little lower on that basis. Customers were more than happy with the soldering ion. To see more of what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.

Recommendation – Buy

The Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur Butane Torch and Hot Air Soldering Kit is available from online retailers. Prices can fluctuate however you can find the most up to date price here. Based on feedback from customers, we are happy to recommend this portable soldering iron.