Top 10 Butane Torches

Top 10

My Most Recommended Butane Torch ListEach year more and more people purchase butane torches for a variety of work or hobbies. But, we want to make sure the torch we purchase is the best for the money that we are willing to spend. We all have expectations and features we are looking for which makes it even … Read more

Dremel Versa Flame Multi-Function Torch Review

Dremel versal flame butane torch

Dremel Versa Butane Torch If you need a great butane torch, many customers have found the Dremel Versa Flame multi-function butane torch meets their needs. Its versatility ensures it can be used in the kitchen, around the house and even on a jobsite. Being a quality product means you are able to take advantage of its … Read more

Rosle Kitchen Torch Review

Rosle Kitchen Torch

The Rosle Kitchen Torch is a German-designed kitchen torch of exceptional quality that is both functional and aesthetically appropriate for a modern kitchen. The manufacturer employs a lengthy product development and quality control process before releasing their products onto the market and this kitchen torch is no exception. Check Price and Availability Here It is made … Read more

Vector Nitro Convertible Dual Lighter Review

Vector Butane Torch / lighter

The Vector Nitro Convertible Dual Lighter is representative of what many have come to expect from a Vector lighter. It is a quality torch lighter which can be used both indoors and out for a variety of purposes. Some of these include lighting cigars, cooking applications, electrical work, jewelry and glass work as well as … Read more

Mag-Torch MT780 Butane Gas Micro Torch Soldering Kit Review

Mag Torch mt780

The Mag-Torch MT780 Butane Gas Micro Torch Soldering Kit is compact and designed for table top use. It is suitable to use for soldering, hot blowing jobs as well as regular torch work and to achieve this you get 3 separate torch tips. It is best suited for small jobs in the areas of electronics, … Read more