Solder-It Pro-Torch 220 Butane Torch Review

Solder it Pro 220

The Solder-it-Pro 220 Butane Torch is a great little torch which is suitable for a variety of applications, such as plumbing, soldering and welding. It is also great for small work which requires a concentrated flame in a very small place, such as electrical work, electronics repairs and making and/or repairing jewelery.

Wall Lenk LPT-500 Pro Torch Review

Wall Lenk LPT-500 Pro Butane Torch

The Wall Lenk LPT-500 has also been described as a heavy duty torch as it is able to cope with being used professionally on a daily basis, as well as being a high output butane tool. It comes with an ergonomic grip which makes using it comfortable when working from a variety of angles.

Blazer PT-4000 Pencil Butane Torch

blazer pt4000

The Blazer PT-4000 Pencil Torch is quite small as far as Blazer torches go. It is pencil-shaped and designed for very small jobs that require a precision flame to be applied in a very specific contact area. It is small enough to be carried in your pocket and therefore very portable and easy to store. … Read more

Portasol 820 Watt Torch Review

Portasol 820 Butane Torch

The Portasol 820 Watt Torch is a plumbing torch which can provide you with the flexibility to tackle a variety of plumbing and other related tasks. One of its best features is that it is light and this makes it easy to grip firmly when you need to work in difficult to reach spots. It … Read more