Colibri Zephyr Refillable Butane Lighter Torch Review

Colibri Zephyr black
Zephyr Black

The Colibri Zephyr Refillable Butane Lighter Torch is a blue flame cigar lighter powered by the ever popular butane gas. Elegantly styled, it features a slim profile as well as tapered edges which add to its sleek look. It also features a monochrome finish which adds the finishing touch to its elegant design.

The butane lighter also comes with a viewing window so you can easily monitor the fuel level. In keeping with Colibri style, the blue flame lighter also comes gift-boxed and would make the perfect present to anyone who appreciates a fine cigar.

Features of the Colibri Zephyr

  • Design – the torch lighter is slim line in design and simply elegant with an adjustable flame
  • Brand – Colibri is a respected and known brand for producing quality lighters
  • Fuel – uses butane however Colibri also makes a special butane which is worth considering for the Colibri Zephyr
  • Color – is monochromatic and adds to the overall elegance
  • Portability – fits easily in pants pockets as well as suits so you can take it to all places which appreciate elegance and style
  • Viewing Window – you’ll never be caught short running out of fuel because you can simply keep track of the fuel level via the viewing window
  • Gift Boxed – this blue flame lighter comes gift boxed and would make an elegant and stylish gift for any cigar aficionado

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Measures: 2.5 x 1.5 x 0.2 inches
Weighs: 8 ounces
Item No: D10002LI
Warranty: – 2 Year Warranty

Customer Feedback

Customers really liked the lighter and appreciated its clean-looking style with the tapered edges. They also liked that it felt solid and durable. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.