Iwatani Butane Fuel BU-6 Review

Iwatani Butane Fuel

Iwatani butane canister (BU-6) is made with the highest levels of quality control.  With safety paramount in all of Iwatani’s products, especially its butane gas products, Iwatani’s butane gas canister has undergone the strictest quality-control tests.  The rim-vent-release (RVR) safety system ensures the release of excess pressure within the canister in the event of abnormal pressure buildup.

The butane canister contains a fuel mixture that has the highest butane purity. This allows for a clean and smooth-burning flame with a consistent output. Other mixtures may contain less butane and other gases such as propane, produce choppy and inconsistent flames.

For use with all Iwatani Cassette-Fuel and torch burners.

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  • Perfect fuel for the Iwatani Torch or burners


  • Somewhat expensive on Amazon, though you can qualify for free shipping

Probably a lot cheaper to buy it at a local store, if you can find it. I understand most Asian stores stock this fuel.

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