Mag-Torch MT780 Butane Gas Micro Torch Soldering Kit Review

Mag Torch MT780
Mag Torch MT780

The Mag-Torch MT780 Butane Gas Micro Torch Soldering Kit is compact and designed for table top use. It is suitable to use for soldering, hot blowing jobs as well as regular torch work and to achieve this you get 3 separate torch tips. It is best suited for small jobs in the areas of electronics, jewelry making, cooking, DIY projects and other crafts as well as soldering and shrinking tubing.

This mag-torch review will provide you with the information which will assist in helping you make an informed buying decision and in the case of this particular unit, the customer feedback is essential reading. Please read on for more details.

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Features of the Mag Torch MT780

  • Design – the mag torch MT780 is designed for table-top use and as such, has a removable stand for ease of use
  • Ignition – is automatic so that you have an immediate hot flame to work with
  • Refilling – this is easy to accomplish with the inbuilt filler valve and the unit also has a clear gauge so that you can see how much fuel you have fed into it. The gauge is also useful to show you how much fuel you have left and when refueling is required.
  • Handle – is ergonomic which means it will be comfortable to hold while you are using the torch. Correct handling is also an aid to promote durability of the product.
  • Torch Tips – 3 torch tips are provided for your convenience and they match various jobs the torch is designed, for such hot blowing, soldering and regular flame work.
  • Air Control – the is a lever on the mag-torch which allows you to control the amount of air you prefer to use for individual jobs
  • Stand – this is removable so you are able to enjoy both hands free use as well as working on small jobs which require working from a unique angle. If flexibility is important to you, this feature will be useful.
  • Fuel Butane fuel is required


Weighs: 12 ounces
ASIN: B000646QOO
Item No: MT780
Warranty: 1 Year


  • If it works, it works well
  • Great for small jobs such as model planes
  • Simple to use
  • Good for soldering silver
  • Easy to fill

What’s Not So Great

  • It has ignition issues and often won’t ignite
  • Switches are made from plastic and cheap
  • Latching the flame proof switch can leave your thumb feeling numb

Customer Feedback and Reviews

There are few reviews for the Mag-Torch MT780 and the overall rating is below average. Only a few of the customers that left feedback were happy with this Mag-Torch. Customers who liked it found it suited their needs for very small jobs such as soldering jewelry and model plane parts. They liked that it was easy to use and fill as well.

Some customers had trouble igniting it and felt it was cheaply made. In short, they didn’t like it. To read what customers had to see, you can find the reviews here.

Recommendation – Not Recommended

The Mag-Torch MT780 Butane Torch is available online. To see the most up-to-date price, you can find it here. Based on the amount of negative feedback that customers have left, this Mag-Torch is not one we are comfortable with recommending. There are other torches available that have a more sound track record and in the interests of saving you money and frustration, would prefer you looked at them instead.

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