Master Appliance UltraTorch UT-100SI Review

Master Appliance Solder Iron, UltraTorch, UT-100SI, Butane

The Master Appliance Butane Portable Solder Iron UltraTorch UT-100SI is a cordless and versatile soldering kit that is suitable for a variety of tasks such as soldering, brazing, repairing vinyl, spot drying, and stripping insulation. Customers love that this soldering iron does not require electricity to operate because it allows them to work freely in hard-to-reach spots as well as in regional areas where electricity is not available.

Other features include a built-in fuel filter, a fuel indicator window, a slide switch ignition system, and its handy compact size. It is also easy to hold and easy to use, and together with its extreme portability, provides a very positive experience for the user.

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Features of the Master Appliance UltraTorch UT-100SI

Design - 3 in 1 Tool, Functions as a self-igniting soldering iron, flameless heat tool and torch

Cordless - This butane-operated soldering iron is completely portable and does not rely on electrical power for operation. This is an advantage worth considering if you need to work anywhere that access to electricity is not available. Customers love this feature and often opt to use it even if power is available, simply for convenience.

Ignition - Self-igniting by way of a sideways sliding switch and includes a variable temperature control

Multi-functional – This is a versatile torch and it can be used for soldering and heat application for tasks such as brazing and tube shrinkage.

Size – compact for ease of use and carrying

Weight – lightweight for portability

Plastic body – This ensures the butane soldering iron is easy to hold

Fuel Type – Butane

Torch Type – Open flame

Certifications - UL Listed, TUV/GS


  • Measures: 11.3 L x 3.3 W x 1.6 H inches
  • Weighs: .5 pound
  • Item No: UT-100SI

Very Useful Tip

If you have been using the torch for a couple of hours, it may not light when you ignite it. The simple solution is to hold the torch upright and set the gas volume to its middle range. When you are all set, press the ignite button and keep holding it down until the element begins to glow. This tip is from a customer who noted that the instruction on how to do this was not included, however, this tip ensures you can relight with success each and every time.


  • Very dependable
  • Heats up quickly
  • Perfect for when 110VAC is not available – and also perfect when it is
  • Durable
  • Compatible  with the Weller Pyropens WSTA3 and WPA2
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for working in remote sites
  • Multi-functional - can be used with soldering for circuitry as well as heating for shrink tubing
  • It holds a good dose of butane
  • Has a heavy-duty burner for high temperatures


  • Perhaps a little large a bit large
  • Need to keep an eye on the tip so you don’t allow it to become too hot while you are using it


Feedback for the Master Appliance Butane Portable Solder Iron includes ease of use, durability and the advantages of portability were key factors in the positive feedback and there were no negative ratings. To see the excellent feedback customers have left, you can read the reviews here.

The Master Appliance Butane Portable Solder Iron UltraTorch UT-100SI is available online and you can check for the most recent and current price here. A majority of customers have rated this butane soldering iron with outstanding reviews. Based on the positive feedback from customers, we are happy to recommend this soldering kit to you.

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