The Burner Table-Top Torch Lighter Review

The Burner Table-Top Torch Lighter is a specialist butane gas lighter that has been designed with the cigar connoisseur in mind. This lighter is a unique accessory that sits on a table, and it not only functions as a necessary piece of equipment to properly light a cigar, but it is guaranteed to provide some interesting topics of conversation around as well.

The lighter is made by the Alec Bradley Cigar Company, known for its innovative cigar accessories, including cool lighters. The burner lighter is no different. Lighting a good cigar correctly can impact the smoker’s enjoyment. If it is not done correctly, the flavor can be ruined due to the foot only being partially lit and developing a sooty and/or charred taste.

The secret is to light the entire foot quickly and cleanly, a feat the butane gas lighter accomplished admirably. It can also be lit without rotating the cigar through the flame.

Features of the Alec Bradley Burner Lighter

Flame – is large so that the cigar can be lit cleanly and quickly without needing to be rotated. The flame is 1” to 1 ½” high and hot, creating the ideal conditions for optimum lighting of a cigar.

Mushroom Head – this measures 1” in diameter and has 60 tiny holes in it so as to facilitate even lighting, which in turn assures the smoker a full flavored cigar experience, rather than a charred and sooty one.

Burn Time for the Lighter– 2 hours of continuous use and this equates to approximately 1,000 cigars so you can see that constant refilling is not necessary, nor is it something you really need to worry about. You can focus on enjoying your cigar.

Tank Capacity – 1.4 fl ounces of butane will fit in the tank which can be easily refilled when necessary.

Fuelbutane gas is required

A casual cigar smoker who does not recognize the qualities of a good cigar or the finesse required for lighting it correctly may not require this type of lighter, however a cigar connoisseur most definitely will.


Measurements: 3 ¼ ” H x 5″ W x 3″ D
Butane capacity: 1.4 fl oz


  • Excellent for roasting the cigar prior to lighting
  • Conversation piece
  • Adjustable blue flame for perfect toasting and lighting
  • Doesn’t use too much fuel
  • Fun and useful product
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Good size butane tank – doesn’t need refilling often
  • Windproof
  • Lights instantly


  • A lot of components are plastic


People leaving reviews for the Alec Bradley burner lighter gave it outstanding feedback. Customers are impressed with the quality, performance, and functionality of the butane gas lighter, particularly the quick, even burn it provides them. One customer felt there should have been more metal used in its construction, however, still gave it a good rating because it was such an excellent lighter. To see more about what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.

The Burner Torch Lighter is available online for a great price, and you can check the most recent price here. This cigar lighter works well and is also a great conversation piece while simultaneously performing a necessary service for cigar enthusiasts. It would also make an ideal present for a cigar smoker. Users love it, and based on their positive feedback, we are happy to recommend it.