Wall Lenk LPT-500 Pro Torch Review

The Wall Lenk LPT-500 Pro Butane Torch is a versatile tool as it can be used for such tasks as creating jewelry, making head pins, melting solder, and plumbing chores. Having a stable flame is important for this type of work and on paper the Wall Lenk LPT-500 delivers this easily. It has also been described as a heavy-duty torch as it is able to cope with being used professionally on a daily basis, as well as being a high-output butane tool. It comes with an ergonomic grip which makes using it comfortable when working from a variety of angles.

It is worth noting, though, that even with the ergonomic grip, one customer with arthritis could not take advantage of the torch. Hence, it’s a good idea to factor this into your buying decision if you need help gripping. The very poor review this customer has provided was influenced by this factor and doesn’t relate to the quality and performance of the torch – which is mediocre at best.

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Features of the Wall Lenk LPT-500 Gas Torch


  • Features automatic ignition for easy start up
  • Has an adjustable high output flame to cope with demanding jobs
  • Come with precision orifice and controls for jobs which require finesse
  • Fuel – Butane Powered Torch
  • Burn Time – 90 Minutes on the minimum setting

Product Specification

Shipping Weight – 13.6 ounces
Model number – LPT-500

Pros of the Wall Lenk LPT-500 Pro Torch

Users had the following positive comments about Wall Lenk:

  • Works really well
  • Has more power than the smaller torches
  • Easy to turn on and off. It has a more substantial feel than other torches used
  • Did everything you could want
  • Quite hot compared to most butane torches
  • Lasted for several years

What people did not like

Customers who purchased the gas torch also have a few negative comments:

  • The electronic igniter didn’t work
  • More difficult to control the flame
  • Very little difference in the flame adjustment and not really sensitive enough
  • Manufacturing defects

User Ratings – Recommendation

Customers who left reviews on what they think about the Wall Lenk LPT-500 gave it an above-average rating. The reason for the so-so rating is that a few users rated the gas torch poorly because of defects, and it did not seem to last long before starting to fail. I recommend passing on this torch and purchasing one of the Blazer Torches. You can see the latest reviews on the Wall Lenk here.

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