Which one is better: Solder-it-Pro 220 or Blazer GB4001 Butane Torch?

The Solder-it Pro and Blazer torches are very similar in all respects which can make it a little difficult to say one is better than the other. They are both used for fine work, are reliable, have safety contingencies, have the same ignition systems, use the same butane gas and the cost between them is only a few cents. Customers who have purchased and used the torches are pretty happy with them both and neither have glaring faults.

At the end of the day, the differences between them come down to the number of customers who have purchased and reviewed each torch along with the fact that the Blazer torch is manufactured by Blazer Products and is a specialist manufacturer of torches.

Features Of the Solder-it-Pro 220 Butane Torch


  • Comes with an automatic Piezo ignition
  • Delivers around 2500 F of heat
  • Refillable butane gas tank – 220 minute capacity
  • Design is sturdy, but also lightweight and convenient


  • There is a kill switch on the gas control dial
  • Comes with a removable safety stand so that the torch can be used hands-free
  • Protective grip is included


  • Adjustable dial gas flow control valve
  • Separate adjustable air flow control valve


  • Brass body

Features of the GB4001 Butane Torch


  • 90-degree fixed angle head
  • Piezoelectric ignition system
  • Attachable, tabletop stand, for hands-free use
  • Burns at 2,500-degree F
  • Blue-torch flame for a precise flame tip


Anodized outer body finish, to resist corrosion and wear


  • Gas flow adjustment lever
  • Manual ignition lock
  • Burn Time – 1 ½ – 2 hours on full flame


  • Gas-flow adjustment lever to control the flame length
  • Comes with a kill switch
  • Manual lock on the ignition when not in use


  • Operates with a standard butane canister (sold separately)

User Ratings Solder-it-Pro 220

The Solder-it-Pro 220 Torch has been rated by a hand full of  customers and they have rated the torch with an average rating s, either customers have had really good luck with the torch or they’ve had less than stellar things to say. To read the reviews, you can find them here.

User Ratings Blazer GB4001

The Blazer GB4001 butane torch has had multiple times the number of reviews and users have given it an excellent rating. Again, according to the reviews, the majority of users were very happy with the performance of this torch. You can read the reviews here if you would like to.


So which one is better: the Solder-it-Pro 220 or the Blazer GB4001 Butane Torch? In reality, they are both good little torches which do the job they are meant to. The Solder-it-Pro 220 torch is marketed as a professional torch, while the Blazer GB4001 torch is marketed as a precision torch which is fine enough to be used for dental and lab work. It probably comes down to personal preference in the end and different torches will suit different people. If I had to choose though, I’d most likely purchase the Blazer GB4001 because of the solid company behind the product, better warranty, the fact that more people have bought it and finally more reviews, possibly indicating a marketplace preference.