XIKAR 9652GM Gun Elx Lighter Review

The XIKAR 9652GM Gun Elx Lighter – is another quality product from Xikar and it makes a terrific gift if you are looking for a cigar torch to give to someone special. It includes a double butane flame and runs on Xikar premium butane fuel for best results. It is attractive too, with a gunmetal casing featuring a polished finish. It has also been described as possessing a ‘bold technical style’.

This particular Butane fuel lighter comes complete with a cigar punch cutter as well as a Rapid Fire ignition system which lights every time. Together with a fuel gauge and adjustment wheel, the Xikar is reliable performer.

Features of the Xikar Gun Elx Lighter

Design – an attractive dual flame element lighter with enclosed cigar cutter

Ignition – a Rapid Fire ignition system is used and operates with a simple thumb action. Firstly, a protective cap is opened which then exposes the ignition system. The dual flame lights easily and can light large cigars very quickly. You can easily adjust the flame to improve the ignition too. For example, in windy conditions you can increase the flame so that there is no danger of it going out until your cigar is fully lit.

xikar Gun ELX Lighter

Punch Cutter – XIKAR 9 mm cigar punch cutter is located in the base is both wide and sharp for your convenience.

Fuel Gauge – A fuel gauge with a little window allows you to see the fuel level and alert you to when it is coming close to needing a refill. This can save you some frustration if you know in advance that a refill is necessary.

Flame Adjustment – there is an over-sized adjustment wheel which can be used to adjust the amount of butane fuel feeding the flame so that you can increase and decrease it as required

FuelXikar premium butane fuel is recommended for the best performance and the unit is easy to fill.

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Weight: 11.2 ouncesWarranty:  Unconditional lifetime warranty

What’s Great About the XIKAR Gun Elx Lighter

  • Sturdy with a good heft
  • Dual-torch flame
  • Finely crafted punch
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Very classy sleek looking
  • Lights up beautifully
  • Easy to re-fill
  • Makes lighting up a cigar easy
  • Packaging is attractive too
  • Is wind resistant
  • Cutter is sharp
  • Lights easily and reliably
  • Window fuel gauge is handy
  • Easy to operate
  • Flame adjustment on the bottom is larger than most
  • Excellent customer service to deal with  any problems that could arise

What’s Not so Great

  • Some lighters appear to have calibration issues
  • The punch is quite wide

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers have left outstanding feedback for the XIKAR Gun Elx Lighter. Things they like about it include that it is wind resistant, the cutter is very sharp, it’s attractive and the flame adjustment wheel is a good size so that adjusting the flame is easy. They also like its weight and the reliable ignition system. A couple of customers had issues, however, these were the exception rather than the rule. To see more of what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.

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2 thoughts on “XIKAR 9652GM Gun Elx Lighter Review”

  1. Ok guys, I think I may have a first! My lighter ONLY works when I remvoe it from the housing and hold one finger over one of the two holes just above the plastic tube. It is the small copper tube leading to the top of the lighter that can only be seen be removing the lighter from the housing. My guess is that the fuel must be bad so the normal fuel to air ratio won’t ignite. The fuel could be 5 years old.And this being my first torch lighter and me being a relative newbie, I bought the cheap Ronson butane. I will pick up some Vector fuel today and see if it works. One other quick question, when purging the air out if the lighter, should the lighter be upright or upside down? Thanks,

    • You should make sure all of the hoses are connected and to the correct places. And when purging it doesn’t matter which way its held but it seems to be faster in some cases being held upright. You can also press the lighter ignition button while purging to make it faster

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