Portasol 820 Watt Torch Review

Portasol 820 Butane Torch
Portasol 820

The Portasol 820 Watt Torch is a plumbing torch which can provide you with the flexibility to tackle a variety of plumbing and other related tasks. One of its best features is that it is light and this makes it easy to grip firmly when you need to work in difficult to reach spots. It is also wind resistant so that you won’t lose the flame if you are working on outdoor jobs. The adjustable flame is handy too so you can provide more heat (or less), exactly when and where you need it.

Refilling takes around 10 seconds using a butane lighter gas via a valve in the side of the unit. This is a quality Portasol product and thoroughly tested so that you can have every confidence in the ignition and temperature control settings. Reliability and durability are also an important design aspect of the product.

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Features of the Portasol 820 Watt Torch


  • Adjustable flame length up to 115m (4 1/2 inches) – gives you either more or less heat when you need it.
  • Welded stainless steel head protects the burner
  • 7,797 BTU/h flame power
  • It has up to 45 minutes run time – this can save you time by avoiding constant refilling
  • Temperature up to 2,462 degrees Fahrenheit
  • All-in one on/off ignition switch and safety button.
  • Extra-strong welded stainless steel torch head built to protect the burner
  • Compact and lightweight 7oz (198g)

Ultrasonically welded gas tanks prevents gas leaking on exposure to impact, UV light or hot and cold temperatures. This has the added advantage of extending the life of the unit.

Uses and Applications

  • Portasol 820 Torch applications: soldering joints, plumbing, and brazing, heat shrink tubing, paint stripping, air conditioning, loosening frozen or rusted nuts and bolts, and heating/bending thin metal.


  • Portasol 820 Soldering Torch
  • Detachable safety stand
  • Operating instructions

Product Specifications

Model number: 12680040

Warranty – 1-year limited warranty


  • Lightweight
  • Really easy to refill with butane lighter gas
  • Reliable and durable


  • Can’t see through the fuel window to see if you are running low on fuel
  • Consistent quality issues


Blazer GB2001 Butane Torch ReviewCustomers have left reviews for the Portasol 820 torch and have given it an average excellent rating. A number of users have had issues with the torch, either it stops working or the lighting mechanism breaks and others have been generally quite positive in their responses. The reviews are available to read here. Instead of the Portasol, I’d recommend one of the Blazer torches which have a much better track record.

The Portasol 820 plumbing torch may be purchased online and currently includes Free Shipping and Amazon Prime, if you are eligible.

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