Affordable Butane Torches Under $50 for Home Use: Top Picks for Budget-Friendly Versatility

Butane torches are versatile tools that have become essential to many home workshops, kitchens, and craft spaces.  These compact devices use butane, a readily available gas, to produce a consistent, high-temperature flame suitable for a variety of applications, from cooking to small-scale welding.  Their portability and ease of use make them a favorite for home … Read more

Safety Tips for Properly Using and Storing Butane Torches: Essential Guidelines

image of handheld butane torch set-in-a-workshop-environment.

Butane torches are common in various crafts and industries, such as jewelry making, culinary arts, and even some DIY projects. However, due to the highly flammable nature of butane gas, they come with their own set of risks. Understanding and applying safety measures when using and storing butane torches is crucial to prevent accidents and … Read more

10 Uses for a Butane Kitchen Torch

Butane Kitchen Torch

The kitchen torch is a very versatile and amazing tool. My first exposure to a kitchen torch was many years ago when I witnessed a chef making creme brulee. Until that point I guess I never thought about how the sugar was caramelized into a tasty hard topping.

Best Dab Torches 2023

Blazer GT8000

What are Dabs? Dabs, also known as dab hits, refer to a method of consuming highly concentrated doses of cannabis by vaporizing extracts derived from marijuana or hemp. The active compounds like THC and CBD are extracted and processed into waxy oils or “dabs” that can contain over 90% THC levels. Common types of cannabis … Read more

Uses for a Butane Kitchen Torch

Butane Kitchen Torch

A kitchen torch is a useful tool to have on hand to create many interesting effects for both sweet dessert dishes and savory dishes as well. The concentrated flame allows users to apply high levels of heat to very specific areas of a dish.