Portasol Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit Review

Portasol SuperPro

Discover the Versatile Portasol Super Pro 125 Heat Tool Kit At the Butane Torch Shop, we’re always looking for tools that meet the needs of our diverse audience and exceed them. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Portasol Super Pro 125 Heat Tool Kit. This isn’t just another soldering iron; it’s a Pro 125 Watts Heat … Read more

Dremel 2000-01 Precision Butane Soldering Torch Review

dremel versa tip butane torch

The precision butane soldering torch from Dremel is the perfect tool for anyone who needs precision for detailed or creative projects. This is a new torch from Dremel and differs from their regular butane torch by way of providing extra accessories to provide a higher level of precision, as well as soldering functionality. It is … Read more

Weller P2C Butane Soldering Iron Review

weller p2c

The Weller P2C is currently not available for shipping. I’d suggest the Weller WLBUK75 which is a direct replacement. Click here for more information. The Weller P2C Butane Soldering Iron is designed to save you time and frustration. It is lightweight and compact and features a fast soldering heat. Ignition is easy too as it … Read more

Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit Review

Power Probe PPSK

The Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit has been designed for general-purpose electrical work and it has proven to be a favorite with customers. It is a portable pencil soldering iron so is cord free and perfect for jobs where an electrical outlet is not available, or as some customers have found, it is a … Read more

Master Appliance UT-40Si Ultratorch Review

The Master Appliance UT-40Si Ultratorch is a portable butane soldering iron. It is suitable for a variety of soldering and heat application tasks such as brazing, soldering, vinyl repairs, heat shrinking tubing and spot drying.