Vector Nitro Convertible Dual Lighter Review

Vector Nitro Convertible Dual Lighter
Vector Nitro Dual Lighter

The Vector Nitro Convertible Dual Lighter is representative of what many have come to expect from a Vector lighter. It is a quality torch lighter which can be used both indoors and out for a variety of purposes. Some of these include lighting cigars, cooking applications, electrical work, jewelry and glass work as well as welding and soldering.

It comes with plenty of features from which you receive many benefits, mostly by way of its excellent performance regardless of the task to which you apply it. If you are working outdoors, it’s worth noting that the Vector Nitro Convertible is a windproof lighter so that you don’t need to worry about the torch ‘blowing out’.

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Features of the Vector Nitro Convertible Dual Lighter

Design – is a quality design from Vector featuring a black handle and chrome flame nozzle
Uses – can be used for a variety of purposes including welding, electrical repairs, cooking and cigar smoking. Customers have used it for melting glass as well as for working with precious metals such as silver.
FuelVector Quintuplus Butane should be used with this nitro lighter to ensure the best performance is achieved. This fuel is also known as Vector 5 X-filtered butane
Fuel Capacity – .85 fluid ounces and customers have reported that they were happy with this capacity as well as how long it lasted
Safety Lock – is included so as to prevent unintentional mishaps
Stand – is removable for convenience so you can choose either with or without the stand depending on what you want to do
Action – is single and adjustable. You can adjust the amount of fuel so that the lighter will start the first time, every time.
Flame Guard – protects and channels the flame as it delivers intense heat to whatever you are working with
Air Control Valve – can be used to adjust the flame depending on how hot you want to run the torch
Color – this Vector lighter is available in black and chrome and there is also an all-silver version of the same torch available.
Wind Resistant – the Vector Nitro can be used in windy conditions without suffering any decrease in performance


Brand: Vector
UPC: 743809208641
Warranty: 5-Year Warranty

What’s Great About the Vector Nitro?

  • Economical with the use of fuel
  • Multipurpose heat application
  • Will easily melt glass and precious metals
  • Quality torch
  • Long warranty
  • Ha an alternative flame

What’s Not So Great

  • No negative feedback

Customer Feedback

Most customers that have purchased the Vector Nitro Convertible Dual Lighter are happy with the torch. Customers are impressed with the quality and performance of this vector lighter and were happy to pay for a quality product. Aspects of its performance that they noted included its excellent fuel life and the heat at which it could operate. There are some people that have had issues with the lighter including lighting issues and gas flow problems.

To see what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.

Recommendation – Cautious Buy

The Vector Nitro Convertible Dual Lighter is available online and competitively priced for a quality vector lighter. To see the most up-to-date and lowest price for it, you can find it here. While it is generally advisable to tread carefully with products that have polarized reviews, the Vector at first glance seems to be a quality product. Most customers rated it with above-average reviews, but there are those that have had issues, though mostly a minority. This could indicate a quality issue. I would recommend reading all the reviews before buying the Nitro. 

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