Solder-It Pro-Torch 220 Butane Torch Review

Solder-It Pro-Torch 220 Butane Torch

The Solder-it Pro-Torch 220 Butane Torch is a great little torch which is suitable for a variety of applications, such as plumbing, soldering and welding. It is also great for small work which requires a concentrated flame in a very small place, such as electrical work, electronics repairs and making and/or repairing jewelry. It is described as a professional torch and it comes with a safety stand so that work can be undertaken in a hands free environment. This is an innovative idea which will allow you to use both hands to manipulate work requiring fine motor skills.

One customer has found the fine flame to be excellent for soldering stainless steel rings on to fish hooks and jigs, as the flame is fine enough for this work, yet not so hot that it will melt silver. Its butane gas tank will last for approximately 220 minutes (3.6 hours) before it will need to be re-filled.

Features of the Solder-it Pro 220


  • The torch features an automatic piezo ignition for an instant start up
  • It will deliver around 2500 deg F of heat
  • The torch comes with a refillable butane gas tank which has a 220 minute capacity
  • The design is sturdy, but also lightweight and convenient


  • The unit comes with a kill switch on the gas control dial
  • It also comes with a removable safety stand so that the torch can be used hands-free
  • A protective grip is included with the torch


  • The torch comes with an adjustable dial gas flow control valve
  • It is also equipped with a separate adjustable air flow control valve


  • The torch has a brass body

These features make the Solder-It Pro-Torch 220 Butane Torch safe and efficient to use, as well as supplying the flame accuracy necessary for the finest of jobs.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions

  • Length – 3.9 inches
  • Height – 5.4 inches
  • Width – 1.4 inches

Item Weight: – 1 pound
Capacity of Gas Container – 60 mL
Operational Capacity of Gas Container – 220 minutes
Model No. – Part Number PT220


  • The torch is very easy to use
  • Very durable as well
  • One customer uses it at work all the time
  • The torch works very well
  • Excellent torch for the price


  • One customer believes they were sent a factory refurbished item and experienced a fair degree of angst trying to have the product replaced when it broke after one hour of use.
  • Short warranty period

User Ratings

Most customers who left reviews for the Solder-It Pro-Torch 220 are very happy with their purchase. A few customers had a less-than-positive experience with both the torch and the company and rated it appropriately. If you would like to read the reviews, you can find them here.

Recommendation – Not Recommended

Because there is some doubt as to the reliability of this torch, the few reviews and the short warranty period (30 days?), I recommend you pay a little more and purchase one of the Blazer torches.

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